Not a good girl.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I've got lots of updates to do :(

My "promise" that I will blog immediately after I've returned from the party turned out to be a big fat white lie.
But its not like I can help it.
I was EXHAUSTED by the time I came home.
Changed into homey clothes, crashed onto the bed and slept till the next morning.
Didn't even do my differential equations tutorial.
Thank goodness that the teacher didn't need it YET,
but I've really got to complete it soon. I'll be needing it next year...

So my big sister has been nagging me to upload the video of kenny's birthday.
But I'm too lazy.
Wait till I'm in perth sister, you've only got to wait for 1 month. :X
I'll show you how his birthday cake looks like first though.

Angie the Choice - Chocolate Lover

I'll advise people who are huge fans of chocolate to get this as their birthday cake.
Its really really good. Even I, an average chocolate fan find it SUPERB.
So yes, its a definite MUST-TRY, MUST-EAT kinda cake.


On the 23rd of October.....

Amanda smsed me saying that she wanted to go back to guides to collect her guide cookies,
so me, being a nice friend went back with her.
The rest is history. I'm tired, so I'll just let the pictures take over my words.

A little running is always good. Its only the sec 1 block, no big deal. 4 storeys only. Not that tough lah, hor? :P

I'm really please about this photo because there is shiying's face in it!


Today, on the 29th of October.....


I'm a bad sister who barely remembers her lil brother's birthday.
Sorry lil bro. But at least I made an effort to celebrate with you! :D
There was a little joke today when we were preparing the cake.
Everyone who saw the number of candles on the cake posed a similar question...
"Xuhao, you're 14 years old meh???"
Even his own mother asked that.
Poor lil brother. I wonder if he looks either too old or perhaps... too young? :X

Big sister, I know its been ages since you last saw photos regarding our family.
Here is a little update for you.

I'm done writing my entry for the day.
Till the next time my camera snaps more scenes of my life,
goodnight my friends and family.