A barrage of pictures

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Behold, the long-awaited mega update! I was totally serious when I wrote that title (points on top). There are really many many many pictures, thanks to my laziness. Oooops! And somehow, I don't feel any bit guilty at all. Double oops!

Anyway, I'm gonna be reporting about 4 events. Try to keep up yeah?

One glorious night, three babes went out together to buy birthday presents for their other two darling girlfriends. Conveniently, they met up for dinner as well. I doubt I have to state the venue where they had their meal. If you still do not know by now, then omg I can't believe you are so dumb! *gives a horrified look*
But just in case, you are really that dumb and do not know, look at the first picture below.

*slaps forehead* I can't believe you were that dumb...

Anyway, proceeding on...

We had dinner at 313's The HandBurger outlet. I love the reflective wall tiles they have there!

Appetizers! Top up either $4 or $6, and you'll get a set meal with your chosen appetiser and a drink!
I chose... (drumrolls) CHUNKY MUSHROOM SOUP! I love mushrooms. *smack lips*

Main course: Chicken Caesar Burger

Xinyi happily munching at her The HandBurger Original. Its beef (ribeye), in case you're wondering what the patty is.

Once again, I hearts the reflective wall tiles!! It prevents Wan Lin from dodging my camera, because wherever she turns to, I'd still get a shot of her thanks to all the reflections around. Hohohohoho!

Secondly, MAD JACK.

Organised a mini Swiss Guides gathering. It felt really nice to see everyone again after 3 years. We sat down for a hearty meal, while we reminisced our crazy days back in secondary school. Oh and, not forgetting to bitch about a shorty whose favourite hobby was to whack people and leave a smacking red mark due to our tiny blood vessels bursting, all credits attributed to her violence.

Yixin says it all with one shot. "I'M HUNGRY!!!!!"

Grilled Chicken in Black Pepper Sauce

With Yan Lam (:

WOOOOOOO! Sexy shot of Zhiying! The main focus was suppose to be the two flags on her head to feature her as an alien, but oh well... IT'S OKAY! (Shit. ZY is so gonna kill me!)

One of my darling girlfriends, Amanda aka PANDA (Because it rhymes. Yeah I know, crap reasoning..)

One. Fail.

Two. Fail.

Three. Success. Finally!!!!

It felt so odd taking pictures at a random walkway with my camera on self-timer :/ Nonetheless, a picture is worth a thousand words. And 3000 words aren't even enough to express how great the feeling was to see everyone again. Yeah.. Even though guides was tough during our days, we braved through it all and created so many memories along the way.
I miss all my pretty guide-mates. Except the violent shorty, of course. *rolls eyes*

Thirdly, Daddy's birthday feast!

For years, I've been saying that I would cook beef steak for daddy on his birthday. And I have FINALLY done it! The night before, I slept at 7AM because I stayed up researching for various peppercorn. In case you do not know, the other term for black pepper is peppercorn. Yeah I know right. Why so troublesome and create such a fancy name such as peppercorn. Before I knew peppercorn was black pepper, I was so frustrated when all my search results came up with peppercorn sauce steak recipe, rather than black pepper sauce steak recipe. I even thought google was working against me! Roar! Well, staying up till 7AM was definitely worth it. Because the food was AWESOME!!!!! I can now proudly announce to the whole wide world, I KNOW HOW TO COOK BEEF STEAK ALREADY! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Okay so lame ._.

Appetiser: Prawn Bisque with Poached Scallop

Main course: Garlic bread, Baked Potato with Mayo, Butter and Crushed Bacon, Asparagus wrapped in Bacon, Salad mixed with Traditional Dressing and Japanese Salad Sesame sauce, and lastly, Mushroom Peppercorn Beef Steak.

Mummy did prepare dessert but no one could take a second bite after we each finished our portion of the main course and appetiser. It was too filling already. My sister said we over-cooked, but oh well, it was fun and delectable!

Lastly, Denyce's and Sujean's 19th birthday celebration!

This year, we celebrated it at (points at the picture above) Bali Thai Café. Recommended and suggested by Den.

Phad Thai Noodles with Phad Tai Sauce.

Customary pose with food.

Glass noodles with Phad Tai Sauce. (All of them ordered noodles with Phad Tai sauce, except for me ._.)

I was craving for rice, so I ordered some sort of seafood fried rice, whose name I cannot seem to recall. Oopsy!

SJ has a craze over Tin-tin, soooo.. for her birthday, we really got her a TIN!

Of course we weren't that bad to just buy SJ a milo tin! In fact, we bought her a hell lot of tin-tin stuff! Ranging from plasters to playing cards.

For Den, we got her F21 gift vouchers, and for-this-lifetime vouchers. Each one handmade by each of us!

I finally have a nice shot with Den, and it is now printed and pasted on my wall (:


And finally, after working on this entry for up to 8 hours, I'm coming to an end. Gosh. It proves how easily distracted I am — by people on msn, songs and music videos, and my comfy bed... I shall end this entry with yet another quote.

Bam! I feel awesome!