Slimming patches review: Real vs Fake

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

This is seriously an entry that everyone has been waiting for. And for once, I actually get local blog readers who actually commented on my blog posts, asking me when is this blog entry going to come out?!!

Generally I don't get comments even though I do hope I would get some *sound of my glass heart shattering* I sound so pathetic saying this.. Haha!

Then again, I understand that the life of a Singaporean is terribly stressful and busy, so yes I understand why you people don't comment, but then again...


At least give me some compliment lah. *fishing for compliments here!* Like that then I will be more motivated to churn out my blog entries regularly and more on time right?? :D

Now.. onto the serious matter.

I actually wrote this particular entry on my Dayre account, but I think that because Dayre is new, not much people uses it yet and hence this review aren't going out.

Therefore, to show you guys how much I love you, I am going to re-write it again and post up even better and clearer pictures that I took with my newly-acquired DSLR yesterday just for you guys. I'm awesome huh?

So here it is:

Authenticity is what we all would wish to have. Especially when it comes to beauty products. And even more so when it comes to slimming products.

The reason why anyone would even purchase topical (meaning: products that are applied directly onto the body) slimming products is because we simply do not wish to have to go through the invasive route of taking diet drugs or going for liposuction, so as to change our physique.

Unfortunately for us, there are scoundrels out in this world who decided to manufacture FAKE slimming products and hence we, users, have to be the ones suffering from it.

In this blog entry, I will be teaching you how to tell the difference between a REAL and a FAKE pack of 小S (Xiao S)'s slimming patches.

TIP #1: Judging from the front of the pack

See the difference between the colour? The real one is more orangey, whereas the fake one is more yellow!

TIP #2: Check the authenticity code!

I don't mean calling the Taiwan hotline to check the authenticity code provided (as if anyone will ever do that here in Singapore), but rather just look at the difference between the two packs!

The 'real' pack has 2 lines of code, whereas the 'fake' one only has 1 line!

TIP #3: Check the back sticker!

The 'real' pack's sticker is red, whereas the 'fake' one is orange! This is a super obvious tell-tale sign!

TIP #4: The slimming patch

Now, you can ignore all the other tips that I mentioned previously but you've GOT TO know this!

The REAL slimming patch has rounded corners whereas the FAKE slimming patch is rectangular, has sharp corners and has that extra white bit coming out from the sides!

Another difference between the 2 patches is that the fake one is more flimsy and thin, like a ragged piece of cloth. Whereas the real one is more sturdy and thick! And more sticky too! (Don't say I didn't warn you, but I pulled out a few strands of body hair before when I was removing the authentic slimmg patch!)


FAQ section:

1) Have you tried the slimming patches before? Is there a difference in the effect?

Yes I have, both the authentic and the fake one. And yes, there is a difference. Heat can be felt, emitting from the slimming patch onto the area of the skin where you have stuck the patch. For the fake one, you won't feel any heat at all.

2) Where did you get the fake slimming patches?

From an instashop, whose username I will not reveal because they are no longer selling it after I pointed out to them that the goods they have are fake, and they took up responsibility for the fake products by giving me a 100% refund.

3) Where do you get your authentic slimming patches?

From my sponsor, blogshop_queenie. Details on how you can get them are provided in the picture below.

Only available for residents of Singapore.

4) Does slimming patches work?

Yes they do. The heat emitted by the slimming patch would burn off the fats (or at least that is how I feel it) and usually I stick it on my thighs before I sleep, and I would awake the next day with SNSD legs!

5) Are there any other difference between the authentic and fake pack of slimming patches?

I noticed a difference in the feeling of the packaging. Somehow the fake one felt like it had another layer of plastic coating on its inner side, hence it was thicker and more plastic-ky to my touch. On the other hand, the real one did not have that extra plastic layer, hence it was thinner and it feels just like how it feels on the outside, a plastic/metal feeling (I'm sorry but I don't know how to describe so just use your imagination!)

If you have anymore questions, just leave a comment below and I will get back to it ASAP.

Cheers darlings!

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