First crazy act of the year 2014

Monday, February 3, 2014

Yo!!!! I'm mobile blogging from my bed now because it is 4:41am and I am too tired to blog sitting up. I've been sitting infront of my laptop for the past few hours and all that sitting is giving me a backache now (signs of ageing #shit)

Anyway!! I'm super sure that I am on the right track to having an awesome 2014 because I just did my first crazy act of the year!


AND I DID IT AT CLOSE TO 1AM!!! Whoop whoop crazy max!! (Or at least it's crazy enough for me...?)

I started at around 12.30am - donning on the apron and gloves, mixing the solutions and etc - and I rinsed off the dye at about 1.30am, so the whole procedure (including the waiting time) lasted for about an hour. I guess the time taken could have been much shorter, but I'm a newbie so excuse moi for this time! I used √Čtude House's self-dye in Natural Brown colour. I think it looks.. not bad.

Well actually, I don't look much different.

I can't quite tell because my hair is naturally brown plus the lower half of the hair on my head is what's left of the last time I dyed my hair. I used BeautyLabo Whip Hair Colour in the shade of Candy Pink that time. Rod helped me with the dyeing part. It was a shade of reddish brown and is super obvious!!!!! I loved it but I wished that it could have been more red.

Comparing the two types of DIY home-dyeing kit that I've tried... I prefer √Čtude House's because application is much easier (EH uses a foam bottle dispenser while BL requires you to create the foam by shaking the bottle after mixing the solutions then you scoop the foam out of the bottle) and it smells sooooo much better (BL's stinks to the max and is suffocating). FYI both are foam type.

One bad thing though about EH's is that the non-drip formula needs more research and work done to it. After I dispensed the foam onto my gloved hands, the foam was still rather liquid-y and I was rather worried that it would drip down the back of my neck after application. Thankfully it didn't.

Oh yeah. 101 tip to using a DIY home-dyeing kit: ALWAYS USE THE CONDITIONER THAT THEY GIVE YOU. It's f*cking important to use it unless you want your hair to break into tiny tiny pieces super easily, just like how you easily snap a strand of uncooked spaghetti into many many pieces.

Get the gist of how important it is?!!!

I didn't use it during my first home-dye experience and it was a f*cking bad decision. My hair became damn brittle and each strand of hair was shockingly thin. I had to slowly, painstakingly, cruelly, nurse my hair back to health by spamming Essential's Hair Mask (used it twice/thrice a week), hair ampoules bought from Watsons (used it every alternate day of the week), Essential's moisturising hair lotion and hair serum (used it daily).

After that painful lesson, I was smart enough this time to use the conditioner that they included in the kit. I guess the reason why it's so important is that it helps to neutralise the chemicals in the hair dye which were used to alter my hair colour. After I rinsed away the hair dye, my hair was in locks and I could feel that it was really dry and thin. I panicked a little little bit but all that panic went away after I applied on the conditioner and I could easily slip my fingers through my hair again.

Okay time for me to sleep now. I'll take photos tomorrow of my gorgeous new hair colour if... I'm diligent enough. Can't wait to see it tomorrow under daylight!! I wonder how it's going to turn out looking like!