5 Important Tips To All Home Seekers: Why BelowVal Will Be Your Best Friend And Best Property Agent

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

C'mon, we all know how expensive property is in Singapore! Especially resale houses, which is also why most young couples go for build-to-order HDB apartments despite the (increasingly) small floor area.

But what if I told you that there is a chance for you to get your ideal apartment size at A FRACTION of the market pricing?

Introducing "belowVal", a property web portal that focuses on below market valuation properties. As they do not list regular-priced properties, belowVal has a smaller number of property listings on their website which also allow listings of a more urgent nature to get the attention they deserve.

Here are 5 things about belowVal.sg which all home seekers and home owners should know about!

#1| Affordable properties

belowVal is a newly-launched website listing properties which are below valuation, thus providing home seeker like myself with an efficient and effective way to find affordable homes!

The staff of belowVal verifies all properties before they are viewable on the site, thus ensuring that there are no listing with fake or outdated information and all houses or commercial space listed on the website are indeed below valuation!

#2| All types of housing from HDB to private residential

From cosy HDBs to swanky city condominiums, belowVal has a wide range of homes and rentals priced below the market valuation.

The website provides a wide selection of properties that are suitable for your everyday lifestyle needs.

#3| Easy to use, clean and simple

BelowVal has a clean and simple layout, with multiple filters — such as the number of rooms, type of properties and the type of transactions (rental or purchase) — to help users find their ideal living or working space.

The website is also constantly updated with the latest properties which are available in the market, thus making it a fuss free affair when looking for your dream home or office.

#4| Urgent properties means faster transaction

You might ask: Why would there be situations when a homeowner would have to urgently sell his property at a price that is below market valuation?

Well there are many factors leading to such a home sale such as migrations, relocations, family changes & foreclosures.

Hence interested home seekers can look forward to a quicker response time from their seller and you get to avoid the situation of a seller sitting and waiting for the best price offered. Yikes!

#5| Direct connect between home seller and seekers

BelowVal links a buyer direct to the home seller or their agent which could then address any queries which you might have about the house. Important information such as types of neighbours, reason for sale or even feng shui questions could be easily addressed.


All Singaporeans we love things cheaper, faster, better, and belowVal.sg is a prime example of such a good "lobang"! So find your next affordable dream home at belowVal.sg!

For more information on belowVal.sg, click to watch the video below.

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